No Secured Assets

The provision of Assets for individual clients is not required by OCB's effective financial solutions. Individuals or families might use installment loans or overdrafts to implement plans to enhance their lives.

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Đối tượng khách hàng
Customers receive salary via stable and continuous OCB account for at least 03 months
Loan term
  • Installment loan (each time): up to 60 months.
  • Overdraft loan: according to the customer's needs and repayment ability but not more than 12 months
Loan limit
  • Installment loan (each time): up to VND 500 million.
  • Overdraft loan: up to VND 100 million.
Loan method
Installment loan or borrow by overdraft method
  • ID card/Citizen card/Passport and Permanent Residence and Temporary Residence Book (KT3)/Confirmation of temporary residence.
  • Application form cum loan plan (Form OCB).
  • Labor contract/Appointment decision/Equivalent documents.
  • Customer account statements are not required

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