Loan for House, Apartment Purchase

Do you wish to own a house/apartment for yourself or your family to live and enjoy moments of private leisure in your own area, complete with self-contained amenities? Or do you like to purchase a house with synchronous communal living facilities enclosed in a vast urban area or invest your idle and acquired money successfully today?

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Đối tượng khách hàng
  • Customer is an individual (including Customer's spouse) with full civil act capacity as prescribed by Law.
  • Customer must have Vietnamese nationality (this condition is not mandatory for Customer's spouse).
Loan purpose

  • Buying/receiving transfer of a real estate in projects that do not have a certificate of ownership.
  • Real estate for living: Land plots, villas, townhouses, apartments, shophouses with long-term ownership.

Customer's debt repayment income
Revenues from salaries, pensions, profits shared by enterprises, business households (excluding the case where the head of the business unit confirms the business), income from property rental, etc. and other sources of revenues that are accepted in accordance with OCB's regulations from time to time.
Maximum loan amount based on the customer's capital needs
  • For collateral as project assets formed from loans: Customers can borrow up to 85% of capital needs in accordance with the sales policy of each project for the form of collateral as residential real estate.
  • For collateral being real estate with a certificate of ownership or collateral being real estate with a certificate of ownership and assets formed from loan capital: Customers are allowed to borrow up to 100% of capital needs.
Loan to Value Ratio/ Mortgage

If the customer mortgages with the borrowed property, then:

  • The maximum loan-to-value ratio is 80 - 85% for residential real estate.
  • The maximum loan-to-value ratio depends on the project that the customer needs to borrow and the financial plan that 
The customer chooses according to the regulations of OCB from time to time.

Loan repayment method

Flexible repayment method in line with the support policy of the project investor or in accordance with the financial situation of the customer.

Customers can flexibly choose from a number of methods:

  • Interest: Paid monthly according to the decreasing balance.
  • Principal debt: To be paid on a monthly basis or every 3 months (equal payment terms) (only accepted to pay every 3 months when the income can be proved every 3 months); or ladder repayment.

Income approach
Customers can flexibly choose  forms of proof of income according to the following options:
  • Prove your financial flexibility with your income statement
  • Prove financial flexibility with accumulated assets list
  • Income sources are diversified, suitable for the economic market and business types in Vietnam.
  • Types of assets recognized as accumulated assets are diversified in accordance with the current rich accumulation sources of the Customer (Accepting recognition of accumulated assets from the type of accumulation through the customer's investment in bonds, stocks, etc.)

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