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OCB's car loan product will help you turn your dream of owning and using a comfortable and modern car into reality.

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Đối tượng khách hàng
  • Individuals from full 22 and not more than 75 years old at the time of loan termination
  • Place of residence (Household book/Confirmation of temporary residence) in the area where OCB's lending office is located.
  • Credit reputation meets OCB regulations.
    Type of auto
    Loans to buy new cars for business purposes for Thaco partners
    Loan term
    Up to 72 months
    The car itself/Real estate with a certificate
    Maximum funding rate
    Maximum funding rate is 75% loan plan
    Loan to Value Ratio/ Mortgage
    Loan rate up to 75% of collateral value
    Preferential interest rate

    According to OCB interest rate regulations from time to time

    Conditions for experience in transportation business: minimum 24 months and profitable business operation.

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