Nice Account

Nice Account

Customers can actively and flexibly choose 9 digits according to their preferences, such as their date of birth, special date, phone number, advance number, god of fortune number, repeat number, triple number, numbers whose end numbers consist of a sequence of 3 digits, etc.

Product Characteristics

  • Classy and novel style with personalized account numbers
  • An account with personalized numbers/selected numbers, in addition to the features and characteristics of a regular payment account, makes it easy for the account holder to remember, displaying style, class, personality, fashion, and, especially for business customers, owning an account with personalized numbers will help them have more "fortune".

Service fee schedule

Service fee schedule
Fee schedule for an account with personalized numbers according to individual customer's choice

Simple application procedure

Simple and fast with registration documents including:
  • Contract for opening and using a payment account
  • Application form for an account with personalized numbers

Service register

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