Payroll Service

Payroll Service

Smart solutions for businesses, convenient accounts for employees.

Outstanding Utilities

  • Time and resource saving 
  • Risk reduction
  • Easy to control

Product Characteristics

For Businesses
  • Current account: Free to open an account without minimum balance maintenance.
  • Salary payment service via account: Free of salary for the first 2 years (calculated from the first month of salary payment).
  • E-Payroll & Internet Banking OCB Online service: Free annual fee for the first 2 years, Token key security device.
  • SMS banking service: Free for the first year.
  • Electronic tax payment service: 50% reduction of tax payment fee for the first 2 years.
  • Term deposit: Offer 0.1% interest rate.
For Individual Customers
  • Current account: Free to open Account, free to manage Account for the first 2 years (from the time of account opening), demand interest rate = 0%, exempt from maintaining a minimum balance.
  • Lucky domestic debit card (Gold): Free cash withdrawal at ATMs
  • OCB Online: Free for the first year
  • SMS banking service: Free
  • OCB Mobile: Free
  • International debit card: Free card issuance, and free annual fee for the first 2 years
  • International credit cards: Free card issuance, and free annual fee
  • Account overdraft: 0.5% interest reduction
  • Unsecured loans for employees: 0.5% interest rate reduction

Simple application procedure

Please contact OCB immediately in the following ways:
  • Go to the nearest OCB branches/transaction offices now
  • Call our hotline: 1800 6678 

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