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Online insurance service on OCB OMNI helps customers easily buy a variety of different insurance packages quickly and securely

Outstanding utilities

  • Online purchase on OCB OMNI
  • Various types of non-life insurance
  • Reasonable and suitable insurance premiums for all customers

Accident Insurance (GIC) – Global Insurance

GIC has been providing a variety of non-life insurance services to more than 1 million individual and corporate customers in Vietnam over the past 10 years. The strategic shareholder is the international insurance group ERGO - the largest insurance group in Germany and Europe present in more than 30 countries around the world. The network is spread over 60 provinces and cities with 19 member companies, more than 60 sales departments and 3 motor vehicle inspection centers.
Insurance benefits
  • If you unfortunately have an accident within the territory of Vietnam, you will enjoy insurance benefits in the following cases: Death, Permanent Disability and Medical treatment expenses.
  • Support to pay up to 125,000,000 VND/year when injured due to an accident.
  • Insurance premium: only from 24,000 VND/person/month.
  • Vietnamese citizens or foreigners who are studying and working in Vietnam between the ages of 6 and 69.
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1Login OCB OMNI on mobile device
2Select "Insurance" and choose an insurance plan
3Answer the appraisal question
4Fill in personal information
5Confirm insurance purchase and payment information
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