Invoice Payment

The bill payment function on OCB OMNI supports customers to pay a variety of service providers in daily life's essential needs, completely online and accurately

Outstanding utilities

  • Easy to look up and pay service bills quickly and conveniently
  • Time saving and transaction free
  • Debt relief right after successful payment
  • No more worries about late payment with automatic bill payment registration service
  • Actively select a payment source from a payment account or credit card at OCB (applicable to some types of supported invoice services)

Payment range

Nationwide payment, saving time and travel costs, ensuring no late payment and disrupted services.

Automatic bill payment

Register for automatic bill payment
You only need to register for one-time payment,  the system shall automatically deducts money from the payment account to pay bills as soon as there is a need to pay on a periodical basis.
Payment for a variety of essential services, including:
  • Telecommunications services: Recharge phone; Postpaid mobile; Landline phones; PTSN invoice.
  • College/university tuition fees
  • Electricity - Water - Internet Service - Cable TV
  • Train tickets, plane tickets
  • Financial services, insurance, hospital fees
  • And a variety of other services that are constantly updated
  • Customers can pay bills for themselves or friends and relatives.
Log in to OCB OMNI on the website or on mobile devices

Steps to make payments on OCB OMNI application

Experience paying bills online without going to the counter
1Log in to OCB OMNI on the website or on mobile devices
2Select the product "Payment"
3Select the service to pay for
4Enter Customer code/ Invoice code to query information about outstanding invoices
5Select payment account and check invoice details
6Check the invoice information and verify the transaction
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Customer support
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