Regular Term Savings Deposit

Regular Term Savings Deposit

Regular term savings deposit with diverse terms of deposit, attractive interest rates throughout the term of deposit, periodically flexible interest rate payment.

Outstanding Utilities

  • Attractive and competitive term interest rates throughout the deposit period.
  • Customer's savings deposit is secured and confidential.
  • It's used to guarantee loans, guarantee loans for third parties at banks.
  • Confirming financial ability for customers to travel and study abroad, making transfers to pay expenses and tuition fees abroad.
  • Customers can transfer ownership when the savings book is not due to preserving interest. Customers can withdraw capital before maturity when needed.
  • Customers can deposit savings in one place and withdraw money from many places at any branch, transaction office under OCB.
  • Receiving interest automatically through the payment account.

Product Characteristics

Diverse types of deposits
Minimum deposit to open a term deposit contract
100.000VND/50 USD
Various deposit terms
From 1 week to 36 months for VND, and from 1 to 12 months for USD
Periodically flexible interest payment
Maturity, monthly, quarterly, and every 6 months, prepaid interest (applicable to VND)
Early withdrawal
Customers are entitled to early withdrawal of all balances and enjoy non-term interest rate
Principal and automatic interest
Interest is accrued and automatically renewed for a corresponding term if the customer does not specify otherwise
Withdrawal of deposit before maturity
Customers can withdraw the entire deposit before maturity. In this case, the Customer must notify OCB at least 1 day in advance. If OCB meets the needs of customers, it can be paid immediately

Simple application procedure

  • Deposit: Customers present ID card or passport and register sample signature with OCB.
  • Withdrawal: Customers need to bring their Passbook, ID card or passport and sign the correct signature form registered with OCB.

Interest rate calculator



Interest:000.00 VND
Total amount (Principal and interest)000.00 VND
The deposit interest rate calculator is for reference only, for more details, please contact the Customer Care Center.
Hotline: 18006678 or contact the nearest OCB Branch

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