Invest on OCB OMNI with various partners and types, offering customers a lot of choices and new experiences with outstanding digital technology applications.

Outstanding utilities

  • Diversified partners to support Customers in making investment transactions.
  • Diversified investment types: fund certificates, transfers of securities, bonds, etc.
  • Completely online, providing fast experience and trading results.
  • Safe and convenient.
  • Easy control over all transactions with OCB OMNI services.

Fund certificate trading

What is a fund certificate?
Fund certificates are securities issued by the Fund Management Company on behalf of the Fund
What is an Open-ended Fund?
Open-ended fund is a fund contributed by many Investors under the professional management of the Fund Management Company, and the offered fund certificates must be redeemed at the request of the Investors.
Money transfer for investment in fund certificates
Money transfer for fund certificate investment on OCB OMNI is a feature of transferring money from your Payment account at OCB to the Fund Account opened at the Custodian Bank along with the investment registration order transferred to the Fund Management Company for the Fund Management Company to start performing its role with the Client and the Securities Depository Center.
 Sign in OCB OMNI on mobile devices


Online customer identification, Customers do not need to go to the counter
1 Sign in OCB OMNI on mobile devices
2Select the product ""Investment"" on the toolbar (menu)
3Select "Service Type" and "Provider"
4Fill in information and choose a payment source
5Check the information and verify the transaction
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