Money Transfer

Customers can process money transfers quickly, conveniently and completely free of charge on OCB OMNI.

Outstanding utilities

  • Fast and secure money transfer to all banks
  • Completely free of charge for all transactions: Inside and outside the system, 24/7 service
  • Money transfer limit up to 2 billion VND/day and up to 20 billion VND/day if to trusted beneficiary accounts
  • International money transfer for study abroad needs, family allowance, medical examination and treatment, completely online with preferential fees
Fast and Safe Money Transfer
  • Internal money transfer in OCB: Transfer via account number or phone number
  • 24/7 Napas transfer: Interbank money transfer through 24/7 Napas service so that recipients receive money immediately with a transfer limit of up to 500 million VND/transaction.
  • Interbank money transfer: Transfer money to another bank with a limit of up to 2 billion VND/day and 20 billion VND/day if to trusted beneficiary accounts
Various Services with Premium Features
  • Transfer Basket feature: Support customers to make thousands of transfer/payment transactions with 1 one-time authentication to save time.
  • Periodic transfer feature: Support customers to set up remittance transactions to beneficiaries in OCB on a daily/weekly/monthly basis
  • Future transfer feature: Easily set up future money orders for OCB OMNI to actively transfer money on a predetermined date by Customer
Receiver list management
  • Easily manage the list of beneficiaries and make quick money transfers from the existing list of beneficiaries on OCB OMNI
Log in to OCB OMNI on the website or on mobile devices

05 Steps to Transfer Money Online

Transaction completed in only 8 seconds
1Log in to OCB OMNI on the website or on mobile devices
2Select the product “Money Transfer” on the toolbar (menu)
3Select the money transfer feature to proceed
4Fill in money transfer information
5Check the entered remittance information and verify the transaction
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