OCB VA - OCB Virtual Account Management

OCB VA - OCB Virtual Account Management

Virtual Account (VA) is a solution that helps Corporate Customers in receivable management which allows customers to identify remitters quickly and accurately by using beneficiary account numbers in the form of subaccounts linked to Customer's current account at OCB. VA number is designed and displayed as a text string / number of characters according to the VA structure agreed by OCB and Customers. VA only have functions as the beneficiary account of Customer.
Enterprises have VND current account at OCB and registered to use OMNI Corp Gold package.

Product Feature

Allow customers to identify the remitters automatically
The solution allows customers to identify the remitters automatically (distributors, agency, buyer)/ product type, sale contracts or by location quickly and accurately by createing unique identifer numbers instead of 16digit fixed account numbers provied by theo Bank as normal.

Customer benefit

  • Quickly identify information about the remitters, the product type, contracts,... by the Virtual Account numbers created and managed by Customer;
  • Monitor and reconcile receivables quickly and accurately with a large number of partners, agencies, distributors, etc., supported by reporting system specifically designed for Virtual Account Product;
  • Reduce the number of collection accounts at banks;
  • Actively create and manage easy-to-remember Virtual Account numbers to facilitate the users.

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