Credit Program for Customers’ capex in Industrial Zones

Credit Program for Customers’ capex in Industrial Zones

This is a suitable financial solution for domestic and foreign enterprises in the industrial zones to facilitate their business operation, especially in the period of investment in fixed assets, helping enterprises to be proactive in capital and secure in business development
Targeted customer
Financing for Vietnamese enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises wishing to lease/transfer land and invest in fixed assets in industrial zones, including those already operating and generating revenue or those that have/haven't yet operated and have not generated any revenue

Features of product

Loan purposes
Payment of rent/land transfer; buil in factories, buy machinery and equipment, and production lines of the enterprises in the industrial zones
Credit zoom
Up to 70% of investment plans
Credit duration
According to the payback period of the investment plan
Grace durtion for the original debt
Up to 24 months
Credit method
Each time (lending, issuing L/C, issuing guarantee)
Debt payment method
Pay original debt ≤ 6 months/each time, pay interest every month
  • Land use rights; Construction; Property rights arising from land lease/land tranfer contracts that formed from loan capital.
  • Property rights arising from the land lease/infrastructure lease contract of the investor and the construction works on the established land.
  • Other collaterals that are eligible for mortgage according to OCB regulations and Vietnamese laws, except for Inventory and Debt Collection Rights.
Maximum credit extension to collateral value
Up to 90% (according to customer's credit rating)

Conditions for granting credit

  • Meet OCB's credit rating criteria
  • No group 2 debt in the last 12 months, bad debt in the last 24 months and VAMC sold debt, risk-resolved debt at OCB and credit institutions, overdue debt at OCB by the time of credit approval.
  • Minimum establishment period 12 months. Last year's equity > 0; profit after tax last year >0 and no accumulated losses.
  • Areas of production and business activities: Belongs to the business or ancillary field that the customer has registered to do business in the host country
  • The business investment plan is feasible, economically viable, and the sources of debt repayment can be balanced.
  • Accepting documents proving the ability to repay is Standby L/C or Payment Guarantee of the Parent Company (if any).
  • Customer is FDI: Open a direct investment capital account at OCB. 

Registration procedure

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