Overdraft For Corporate Enterrpises

Overdraft For Corporate Enterrpises

This is a form of credit financing that OCB grants overdraft limit to the enterprises through utilization/withdrawal exceeding the balance on their current accounts in Vietnam dong (VND) at OCB.
Enterprises in temporary shortage of working capital in production and business

Product Feature

Loan purpose
Supplement working capital for business operation
Form of withdrawal
Withdraw exceed the current account balance under Bank transfer to make payment for business expenses
Loan tenor
Rút vượt số dư tài khoản thanh toán của Khách hàng thông qua hình thức chuyển khoản để thanh toán các chi phí
Loan tenor
Up to 12 months
Minimum overdraft limit
VND 100 million
Maximum overdraft limit
VND 03 billion (per customers’ request if the limit is secured by 100% deposit at OCB)
Non collateral or collateral accepted by OCB
Interest payment period
Principal repayment
Flexible to customers’ cash flow


  • Promptly satisfy customers’ loan requirement within 10 minutes
  • Non collateral overdraft limit: up to VND 2 billion
  • Maximum overdraft limit per customers’ request if mortgaged by 100% deposit at OCB
  • Lowest interest rate with daily automatic collection system
  • Competitive interest rate and fee
  • Simple criteria and loan approval process

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