Vita - Golden Health

Vita - Golden Health

Vita - Golden health is a practical solution for shouldering and sharing your problems when you're sick, allowing everyone to confidently follow their dreams while living calmly and pleasantly.

Outstanding Utilities

  • Reimbursement of hospital fees, surgery costs, domestic emergency transportation and treatment expenses incurred due to accidents and any illness or disease (including cancer, organ transplant, kidney dialysis, day surgery) up to VND 1 billion per year
  • Supporting dental care costs
  • Supporting maternity care costs

    Product Features

    • Inpatient treatment with an extensive network of hospital payment guarantees.
    • Raised coverage limits for outpatient benefits.
    • Payment of outpatient treatment costs according to modern and traditional medical methods.
    • Providing health check benefits right after the first contract year.
    • Expanding the insured from 15 days old to 65 years old and extending the insured period to 70 years old.
    • Coverage extends throughout Vietnam, Asia and globally.
    • The fee is very competitive compared to similar products on the market.

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