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This is a digital credit card that can be obtained fast in just three minutes at OCB OMNI, a Digital Banking application. It offers up to 10% cashback for online transactions and is ideal for consumers who frequently transact online.

Annual fee
Main card: 999.000 VND
The first year's annual charge is waived completely. If the total volume of transactions in the year before was at least VND 60,000,000, you will get your yearly fee refunded in full beginning with the second year
Credit limit
500.000.000 VND
Transaction limit/day
500.000.000 VND

Featured offers

1. Exclusive offers for new cardholders:
  • Free card issuance.
  • 50% cashback, up to VND 100,000 for the total amount of valid transactions on the first day of card usage (*).
  • Cashback of VND 1,000,000 when cardholders have at least 30 valid transactions & transaction turnover reaches VND 5,000,000 within 45 days from the date of card opening.
2. Offers applied to all cardholders:
  • Up to VND 18,000,000/year, in which:
    • 10% cashback: shopping at Tiki, Shopee, Lazada.
    • 5% cashback: transport and order food at Grab, Be, Gojek, Foody, and Baemin.
    • 1% cashback: insurance payment transaction.
To get the insurance refund, the consumer must send a text message with the syntax OCB_MC01_6 final numbers of the credit card to the 6067 switchboard (1,000 VND/SMS; the symbol "_" is a space).
  • 0.1% cashback all remaining valid transactions.
  • Thousands of cashback offers, discounts of up to 50% at shopping, culinary, travel, etc. associated with OCB and Mastercard.
  • Free protection with Global Travel Insurance & Wallet Loss Insurance - total value of VND 100,000,000,000/year, making every trip safe anytime, anywhere.
* Detailed rules here.

Outstanding features

  • By the use of the OCB OMNI digital banking application, you can quickly and easily register to start an online card account. Further information regarding how to sign up can be found here.
  • No documentation required.
  • Free proof of income.
  • Instant online transactions after the card are approved for the limit without the need for a physical card.
  • Easily control all transactions with the OCB OMNI Digital Banking application, 24/7 Contact Center service, SMS Banking.
** Note: Applicable to existing customers who are eligible to issue cards regulated by OCB

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