Payment Solution OCB ProPay

Payment Solution OCB ProPay

Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB), which possesses a multichannel platform and cutting-edge technology, has developed a digital payment solution known as OCB ProPay. This solution aims to assist businesses in effectively managing their finances, reducing costs, catching up with the digital trend, and creating breakthroughs in terms of growth!
All business customers, from small start-ups to extremely large corporations, are excellent fits for the solution package.

Product Feature

OCB OMNI Enterprise
    Free transfer inside and outside the system. Flexible, secure decentralization, suitable for any business structure
    QR Code
      Making payments quickly through scanning QR code. The information is processed automatically and properly, hence decreasing the possibility of any errors being made in the input of bank accounts and beneficiary bank information to zero
        Increasing customer ease while shopping and offering a variety of payment options
        OCB PayU
          Collection of tuition fees, invoices, and Topup, as well as collection of debts for distributors
          Virtual Account
          Effective receivables management thanks to a unique identifier, automatically identifying and classifying funds into accounts, helping to track debts quickly and accuratel
          Connecting OCB's digital bank with FAST/MISA's accounting/ERP software, thereby performing banking transactions right on business software
          ERP Link
          Accounts payable management solution through the integration of 2 systems allows creating transfer, payment, payment orders... right on ERP, helping data entry, quick processing and minimizing errors
          OPEN APIs
          A comprehensive solution for connecting the banking system and individual software of the enterprise, synchronously on a single management platform, helping to shorten the process, reduce errors and optimize efficiency.

          Benefits for customers

          • Up to 100% discount on payment service fees
          • 80% reduction in accounting and reporting time
          • Banking transaction utility intergration right on business software
          • Two-way data connection, automatic reconciliation, real-time report retrieval
          • A set of pre-packaged solutions for each business segment, which can be used in packages to experience the entire utility or used individually according to needs.

          Registration procedure

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          Customer support
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