Domestic Fund Transfer

Domestic Fund Transfer

Based on the connection with large payment intermediaries, OCB meets the demand of fund transfer in a fast, competitive and safe manner to anywhere in the territory of Vietnam.
Legally-operated enterprises in Vietnam 

Product Feature

Form of payment transfer
Outward transfer fund and inward FI within the country
Various payment channels
Payment at the counter, transaction via fax/email, Truly Online, OMNI CORP
Bulk payment and standing instruction
Quick processing via OCB’s connectivity with all large domestic payment channels.

Customer benefit

  • Real-time credit/debit and free of charge for OCB intra-branches transfer.
  • Fee of charge inward payment
  • Allow payment by schedule, in batches, or standing instruction in line with the future plan.
  • Account inquiry and make financial transaction 24/7 via modern OCB OMNI.
  • Various transaction channels to meet flexible needs of customers.

Registration procedure

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