Financing for Payment of Imported Goods (By Collection)

This is a form of credit that is granted by the OCB to importers who do not have or do not have adequate foreign currency income from their export activities and who need to be financed for L/C payment as committed with a cost that is equivalent to the loan interest rate.
Customers who are importers with no or insufficient foreign currency revenue:
  • Opening L/C at sight, wishing to open a deferred L/C, with terms of sight or.
  • Opening a deferred L/C, wishing to extend the deferred payment time.

Product characteristics

L/C deferred payment with terms of sight
Giving the seller the ability to take payment quickly while delaying payment to the purchaser.

Benefits for customers

  • Interest rate equivalent to foreign currency loan interest rate
  • The exporter will still be paid in accordance with the agreement, despite the fact that the delayed payment time has been extended
  • Saving costs compared to opening a conventional L/C
  • Rich source of UPAS L/C and many preferential price policies

Requested documents

  • Legal records
  • Foreign trade contract, entrusted import-export contract (if any)
  • Insurance policy (depending on price conditions)
  • Application for opening UPAS L/C (according to form)
  • Import license/quota (for items requiring an import license/quota)
  • Letter of request to buy foreign currency
  • Other documents

Registration procedure

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