Import Financing Under Letter of Credit (L/C)

Import Financing Under Letter of Credit (L/C)

OCB grants credit limit to Clients (Importers) whom buy Goods, Materials under Letter of Credit (LC). According to, Clients shall be reimbursed to make payment at due date as agreement
Targeted Clients
Import clients of Goods, Materials having demand to effect payment at maturity date under LC term

Benefits of clients

  • To be financed for fulfillment of payment obligations to foreign partners
  • To be financed up to 100% value of Import Documents
  • To be consulted procedures by OCB

Documents required

  • Legal Documents
  • Financial Report
  • Loan Application Form (OCB’s form)
  • Sales Contract/Annex 
  • Other Documents (if requested)

Registration procedure

Please kindly fill in the form with your information, we will contact you in soonest time.
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