Financing for Satellite Partners of Investor/Main Contractor

Financing for Satellite Partners of Investor/Main Contractor

This is a form of credit financing for satellite partners of Investors/Main contractors who are financed OCB under guarantee, lending products, for the financing purpose of performing the construction and installation projects/works
Targeted customer
Enterprises (including private companies): main contractor/subcontractor/construction material supplier (hereinafter referred to as satellite partners) who meet the conditions for loans granting by OCB (Investor/Main contractor are financed by OCB to execute the projects/works)

Features of product

Loan purposes
Lending, bank guarantee for the purpose of performing construction, installation and material supply for projects/works financed by OCB
Forms of financing

Deal by deal or Total credit limit 

Repayment period

Flexible principal and interest repayment based on customer’s financial capability and effective cash flow management

All receivables and/or partial/fully secured additionally by  real estate/ roadway vehicles


  • Non-collateral for tender guarantee, performance guarantee, advance payment guarantee with lowest deposit ratio (maximum 5% for tender guarantee and performance guarantee, maximum 20% for advance payment guarantee).
  • Accept account receivables from Investor/Main contractor to issue payment guarantee with maximum 5% deposit ratio.
  • Loan to receivable value ratio: Up to 80%; Loan to real estate value ratio: Up to 95%
  • Competitive interest rate and guarantee issuance fee

Registration procedure

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