Export Collection

Export Collection

It refers to the transaction in which the seller (exporter) authorise OCB to collect payment from the importer through their banks upon goods delivery or service providing.
Targeted customer
Export clients have demanding to collect the payment after shipment under collection method.

Features of product

Low cost
Lower costs (in comparison with L/C method).
Delivering document
The collecting bank shall deliver documents to the importer  upon payment (D/P)/ against acceptance (D/A)

Benefits of customer

  • Documents/bill of exchange shall be delivered to collecting bank at soonest.
  • Quick, accurate and safe.
  • Affordable and saving costs.
  • Transaction complies with international banking standards (URC522)
  • Export financing or negotiation is considered as required
  • OCB assists to trace the transactions with overseas bank the issues related to the payments.

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