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OCB launches super-short personalized account number service with outstanding features


Personalized account numbers are not a new trend, but the manner Orient Bank (OCB) released a new stunning digital account product bundle with only 5 numbers has attracted a lot of attention from clients due to the high quality of the service.

OCB is attempting to provide each consumer with a speedy and tailored experience, rather than merely opening an account with personalized numbers. This is demonstrated by the fact that personalized account numbers will be consulted based on the demands of clients, such as those related to their birthdays, anniversaries, or numbers with feng shui connotations, which are said to bring good fortune and luck in love.

Furthermore, a unique feature of this service is that personalized account numbers will be built succinctly, with only 5 to 10 characters, making them easy to remember and convenient for users. Customers no longer have to take notes or try to memorize long numbers thanks to OCB's new elegant digital account, which they can quickly remember and manage whenever they need it. When it comes to offering this personalized account number service, OCB wishes to provide a frictionless experience.

"I regularly have to deal with contractors and clients with a bank account," said Ms. Linh Nguyen, a customer manager. "Some lovely, easy-to-remember accounts will make it easier for me to work." In addition, an account with personalized numbers also has an important feng shui meaning, Mr. Viet Nhat, owner of a Training Center, stated, “I am an education startup. I have to deal with suppliers or students a lot a month, so I always choose the account number related to numbers 6 (prosperity) and 8 (success) for good luck."

The service of opening accounts with personalized numbers is not a new trend for retail consumers, but it is one of the most popular. An account with personalized numbers for business customers is more than just a way of linking an account number to a specific day; it's a way of demonstrating their class and prestige at work. Many account holders in many professions, such as office professionals, freelancers, and even students, like to have an account with personalized numbers since it allows them to reflect their personalities and colors. Furthermore, many business people choose an account with numbers associated with luck and prosperity in the hopes of landing a good job.

Not stopping there, customers can actively choose to go to a transaction office or operate online to open an account with personalized numbers within a few minutes. With a huge warehouse of personalized numbers, OCB ensures to meet all the needs of fastidious customers. The opening of an account with personalized numbers will come from the customer's own needs to not only make customers happy when using but also really love their account number.

"This is one of the convenient services that swiftly respond to consumers' requests for meaningful numbers, luck, and fate while also confirming the number of transactions. Switching to 100% online transactions allows consumers to conduct all financial activities at any time and from any location, assuring utmost safety in the face of the current pandemic," according to an OCB representative.

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