FX Swap Transaction

FX Swap Transaction

FX Swap transaction is a simultaneous buy and sell of identical amounts of one currency for another with two different value dates. The exchange rate, amount of transaction and payment tenor should be determined at the transaction date.
Targeted clients

Features of product

Currency pairs
A swap transaction is combined by the 02 transactions
  • First transaction: a spot or forward transaction.
  • Second transaction: a spot transaction with different value date from the first transaction or a forward transaction.
Swap rate
Two rates determined at the transaction date.


  • Exchanging on idle currency for another to serve the Customers, such as import and export payments, outward remittances, investments, etc. 
  • Hedging against exchange rate movement (market risk). 
  • Benefit from interest rate differential between two currencies. 
  • Effectively managing cash-flow. 
  • No transaction fees. 
  • Simple and fast documents processing. 

Document required

  • Swap contract
  • Supporting documents
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