Import Financing under Telegraphic Transfer Term

Import Financing under Telegraphic Transfer Term

OCB grants credit limit to Clients (Importers) whom buy Goods, Materials under Telegraphic Transfer (T/TR) term
Import clients of Goods, Materials having demand to effect payment under T/TR (advance payment or deferred payment)

Benefits of clients

  • To be financed for fulfillment of payment obligations to foreign partners under Telegraphic Transfer term
  • To be financed up to 100% value of import Documents
  • To be consulted procedures by OCB

Documents required

  • Legal Documents
  • Financial Report
  • Loan Application Form (OCB’s form)
  • Sales Contract/Annex 
  • Other Documents (if requested)

Registration procedure

Please kindly fill in the form with your information, we will contact you in soonest time.
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